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Pro Touring Wheels

What Are Pro Touring Cars?

Pro Touring cars are a unique segment of Muscle Cars that have been modified and enhanced with the following:

  • Suspension systems
  • Upgraded brake packages
  • High-performance engines
  • Performance rated tires
  • Special staggered wheel combinations
  • Other custom upgrades and modifications designed around Pro Touring styling

Pro Touring vehicles are drivable on the street, drag strip, and track road courses to the delight of the enthusiast.

You Have A Wide Range Of Options

The Pro Touring vehicles have a wide range of makes and models ideal for this segment.

The Chevy group includes Camaro, Chevelle, Chevy II Nova, and C10 trucks.

In the Mopar group you see models like the Cuda, Charger, Challenger, and more.

The Ford models include the Mustang, Falcon, F100 trucks, and other body styles.

High Horsepower Engines

All these groups have big horsepower, exceeding 500 HP, such as GM LS engines, Mopar Hemi, and Ford Coyote power plants. With all that power, you need the right brake package for increased performance for braking and overall handling.

Brakes and Suspension

Getting the right brake and suspension setup is extremely important for the Pro Touring machine.

The enthusiasts will select brake kits from Baer, Wilwood, Stoptech, and other manufacturers….In combination with suspension systems from TCI, QA1, Ridetech, and more.

Once the brake and suspension parts are installed, it is time to think about the right combination of wheels and tires.

What Are Pro Touring Wheels?

Pro Touring wheels are available in unique designs and assorted sizes from 17 to 20-inch diameters and widths from 7 to 15 inches wide.

2 and 3-Piece Wheels

Boze Forged Pro Touring wheels are built from the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy in two-piece and three-piece construction.  This material and configuration provide for a stronger wheel, as well as a much lighter wheel and tire package.

Many of our wheels, such as the our Xclusive Series, are assembled by a two-piece construction method, which joins the center forging and billet soft lip rim together by a 360-degree weld.  The two-piece forged wheels are assembled with the center forging and soft lip rim welded to the exact back-spacing.

The Victory Series is an example of one of our 3-piece series. These wheels are bold three-piece forged designs constructed from shallow and deep concave center forgings. Big brakes are not a problem for these rim configurations, along with custom staggered stance options. All three-piece forged wheels are bolted together and sealed by assembling the center forging to both inner and outer rims.

Another popular option to consider is our Concave wheels, such as our Xclusive Concave Series.  Both shallow and deep concave wheels have a unique profile that is popular with many pro touring enthusiasts.

Side Note: Forged billet 6061 T6 is a very strong aluminum material. Due to the continuous grain characteristics produced in the forging process, which achieves a lighter and stronger material for building wheels.

Choosing Your Set

Choosing the right wheel set up for your Pro Touring machine is important. The wrong wheel choice can make or break the overall look of the car, as well as its performance.

Collaborating with the staff at Boze Forged can help direct you in picking the best pro touring wheels for your car.

They will ask you questions regarding the total project build to ensure that you achieve the performance desired.

Series of Questions: What Should You Be Prepared To Answer?

When buying from us, you’ll need to provide the following:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year of your project car/vehicle
  • Desired wheel sizes
  • Selected wheel options

You’ll also want to look at the list of modifications, such as:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Body work performed
  • Any measurements on fender clearance

These areas are important in achieving the correct fitment and stance for your Pro Touring machine.

What Are The Wheel Clearance Issues?

The Boze Forged staff will carefully review the brake package and spindle type to ensure the clearance of center pad and spokes areas before machining the center forging.  We especially focus on the brake profile of the caliper, rotor, and hub dimensions.

We will also review the fender clearance measurements to make sure the tire and wheel combination fit correctly and do not interfere with the suspension and fender lip and inner wall areas.

Once the staff at Boze Forged has determined the right wheel sizes to fit the brake kit and suspension setup, and fender clearance to maximize the performance, they will help guide you with suggestions regarding the best tire sizes to match your wheel package.

Boze Forged Fitment Guide

To help you gather the measurements and other information, Boze Forged has a simple fitment guide on the website to help you:

Boze Forged Fitment Guide.

Also, check out our blog post to find more information on how to measure your vehicle:

How To Measure Your Vehicle For Custom Wheels.

Add The Final Touch With Accessories

Grab the only wheel accessories that Boze Forged offers—our gorgeous custom engraved caps!

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